The non-carbonated water intended for the preparation of the children’s nutrition and drinking, for infants and young children.

It is recommended for kids from the first days of life for permanent use: drinking, cooking porridges, formulas milk, dilution of juices, teas etc. Before the beginning of consumption by infants it is necessary to consult previously with the pediatrician. The use of water from the wells and the captation of the sources can harm the health of your child.

Chemical composition of water:

Dry rest – 200-500(mg/dm3), Hardness of water - 1,5-7,0(mmol/dm3), Natrium - 10-70(mg/dm3), Water alkalinity - 0,5-6,5(mmol/dm3), Fluoride - 0,1-0,7(mg/dm3), Calcium -20-60(mg/dm3), Iodine - 5-20(mcg/dm3), Magnesium - 5-50(mg/dm3)

The origin of the water, № of wells and their location:

The water is mined from the wells №1, №3, №7 (depth of 175-178 m) and from wells №2, №8 (depth 62-65 м), which are situated in Ukraine, Khorol, Poltava Region.

Shelf life and the storage conditions:

the hermetically closed bottle -12 months at t +5 to +20ºС. Save in the dark ventilated room, protect from the direct sunlight. After the depressurization of the bottle, the water can be used during one day provided saving it in the dark place at the temperature above +10 ºС. With further use before taking – boil it. «Without GMO». Don’t contain food additives.From manufacturer of infant nutrition.

The address of the manufacturer and production capacity: LLC «Khorol factory for baby food», 17 Molodizhna St., Khorol, Poltava region, 37800, Ukraine.

Tel.of the hotline: 0800301414

The production consignments number and the bottling date indicated on the bottle (for the bottles of bulk 0, 33 dm3 та 1, 5 dm3).

The production consignments number and the bottling date indicated on the cork (for the bottles of bulk 5 dm3).

ТУ У 11.0-39376486-006:2015

0,33 dm3±3%;

1,5 dm3 ± 2%;

5,0 dm3 ± 0,5%.

Recommendation on duty feeding formula "Baby" and "Malish"

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